What is Offline?

Offline means runs a software/program without windows.  An Offline program always consist in a LiveCD/LiveUSB.

For example, if you forget the login password  of windows, you will not be able to run any program but stay in the welcome page of windows.At this time, you have to  boot from a LiveCD or LiveUSB and run a password blanking software(Windows password cleaner) to reset the password of your windows account.The LiveCD or LiveUSB will provide an environment for the password blanking software to run.

Most of the softwares provide by Dr. Freeware are offline softwares.
Data Recovery:  offline software, consist in a LiveCD only.  The windows version is developing.
Drive Dumper:   both offline and windows version are available.
Windows Password Cleaner:  offline software, consist in a LiveCD only. 
Avast Antivirus Home Edition: offline software, consist in a LiveCD only. 
Gparted - Partition Table Editor:  offline software, consist in a LiveCD only. 

Download Dr. Freeware LiveCD :

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