What is Offline?

October 4th, 2009

Offline means runs a software/program without windows.  An Offline program always consist in a LiveCD/LiveUSB.

For example, if you forget the login password  of windows, you will not be able to run any program but stay in the welcome page of windows.At this time, you have to  boot from a LiveCD or LiveUSB and run a password blanking software(Windows password cleaner) to reset the password of your windows account.The LiveCD or LiveUSB will provide an environment for the password blanking software to run.

Most of the softwares provide by Dr. Freeware are offline softwares.
Data Recovery:  offline software, consist in a LiveCD only.  The windows version is developing.
Drive Dumper:   both offline and windows version are available.
Windows Password Cleaner:  offline software, consist in a LiveCD only. 
Avast Antivirus Home Edition: offline software, consist in a LiveCD only. 
Gparted - Partition Table Editor:  offline software, consist in a LiveCD only. 

Download Dr. Freeware LiveCD :

Drive Dumper How to (Windows Version)

October 4th, 2009

Recently, we release windows version of Drive Dumper. It is a handy tool for you to backup or restore your important data. It has been tested on Windows 2000/NT/2003/XP/Vista/7. It will just copy used blocks to the destination.

Now, let us have a short glance at this tool.
(a) Start up

Drive Dumper is collecting the information of the harddisks in your computer.

(b) Select source and target
It has a twin-panel.  This design makes you easliy choose the drive or the volume you want to backup or restore.  If you have selected a volume as source in the source list-box,  the program will filter all the possible volumes in your computer and list them in the target list-box.

Those invaild volumes(size not compatable, type not compatable … ) will be mark as grey and unselectable in the target list-box.

If you think you have select the correct volumes, please click Next to continue.

(c)Confirm what the selecteds.
Drive Dumper will list all the detail of the selecteds.
After reviewing the detail, please click button “I am sure” to start the clone process.
Click “No” to return to the main menu.

Note: Drive Dumper will erase the original data in target volume.

(d) wait for the end of the clone process
You can terminate the process by clicking “Stop” button.

Direct Download link:
More information:

Start Menu is Added! - Helps you to easily burn a Dr. Freeware Live CD or Live USB stick

May 30th, 2009

It is a small program which integrates with ImgBurn and Fedora Live USB creator. (Windows Only)
ImgBurn is a freeware program that allows the recording of many types of CD/DVD images to recordable media. (more about ImgBurn)
The Fedora Live USB creator is a cross-platform tool for easily installing live operating systems on to USB flash drives. (more about it)

(1) run menu.exe in the package your downloaded and you will get a window.
 Start Menu For Windows

(2) If you want to burn a Dr. Freeware Live CD, please click “burn a Dr. Freeware Live CD”. ImgBurn will be launched. (Please make sure you have a CD burner)

(3) If you would like to use USB stick instead of CD, you may click “burn a Dr. Freeware Live USB”. The Fedora Live USB creator will be launched.
Fedora Live USB Creator
Please click “Broswer” to select the file drfreeware_VERxxx.iso in the package you downloaded.
“Target Device” should be the path to your USB stick.  If you make sure you have selected the right place, just click “Create Live USB” to start the process.
Note: Create a Live USB will NOT overwrite existing data in your USB stick.

Once you have a Dr. Freeware Live CD/USB, you should restart the computer to boot from this media.
Do not know how to boot from CD/USB? Take a look at this passage.

Note: There are lots of comments from Russian. I have translated them into English.